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Leaf Removal Season 2018 has begun!

Yesterday was our first official day out cleaning up the leaves for the 2018 season. While there was a big mess to clean-up already, there are many more leaves still to fall. Leaf season is a very fast paced season for us landscapers that often only lasts a few short weeks.

Different species of trees drop their leaves at different times. We try to keep up with them for our customers and get them all cleaned up before the snow flies.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

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Top Soil for sale in Girard

We have recently completed a local landscaping project and have a nice amount of Top Soil left over as a result. We are going to be selling off the remainder of this pile for $25 per cubic yard and will offer local delivery for a small fee. Feel free to contact us if you would like to purchase some top soil.

Some people are using it to fill low spots in their yard or to create a slope forcing water to run away from their homes. Check out the pictures below.

Snow Plowing in Niles Ohio 2018-2019

As we near the end of summer we are tasked with preparing for winter. The snow and harsh weather conditions will be here before you know it. We have a team of professionals getting equipment ready for the most demanding conditions northeastern Ohio can throw at us.  If you need a bid on commercial snow plowing or lot salting in the Niles Ohio area call now to get on our list. We will be filling up our roster well before the freezing temperatures arrive. This will allow us to put the right equipment in place for the jobs that we have at hand.

SIMLAWN LLC Snow Plowing

Snow and Ice Management by Simlawn LLC Girard Ohio


Sealcoating McDonald Ohio

Asphalt requires maintenance to increase its longevity. When asphalt is created there is a tar based glue that holds all of the aggregate together. Over time the oils in the tar will dry out from being baked in the sun. When that happens some of the aggregate will begin to break away, essentially eroding the driveway. This timeline of the glue drying out can be drastically extended by seal coating the driveway. Effectively the sealer will trap the oils in the driveway and create a barrier from the harsh weather conditions above in order to protect the driveway.

Some driveways even develop cracks due to underground water movement or heaving in the winter time. In those instances we offer a hot pour crack filler that can be installed into those cracks to prevent water penetration and ice from spreading the cracks any further.

Simlawn LLC also offers line striping for commercial properties in addition to seal coating and crack filling. call today for a free estimate.