Retention Pond Maintenance

Retention Pond Maintenance

Retention Pond Mowing is something that has to be done every so often to keep your pond in optimal working order. Simlawn is equipt with flail mowers that are able to handle rough terrain and chop up overgrowth into small enough particles that will not clog up your ponds exit flow.

The Importance of Maintenance 

If you just leave the pond alone, it can fail. There could be a clog. A tree could uproot and cause a weak spot in the embankment, causing the dam to fail. Municipalities want to make sure that doesn’t happen. They conduct regular inspections of these ponds when they are wet. Inspectors contact property managers and tell them to arrange for pond maintenance, then our customers call us. Inspectors need to be able to visually inspect the area to make sure there are no holes from moles, gophers or groundhogs that could compromise the pond.

Sediment Removal

Mucky pond sediment can build up in the retention pond. Large stone or boulders are installed to help prevent erosion at the entrance. Grass and weeds take root in the sediment, and the growth can often completely obscure the stone.

In some cases, we will have to excavate the stone, clean out the area and reset the stones.

The Best Retention Pond Maintenance Schedule

The easiest way to avoid a big failure when the inspector comes through is regular maintenance four times a year. Regular mowing means crews can tackle the task with standard flail mowers. If we only mow once a year, the thick brush can require heavy equipment resulting in a more expensive job.