Asphalt Seal Coating Service

SIMLAWN LLC – Girard, Ohio
Make your Driveway or Parking Lot look LIKE NEW!

Before & After

*This picture shows an example of water penetration before and after a fresh coat of asphalt sealer is applied.

Sealing your blacktop will:

  • Extend the life of your pavement
  • Enhance the overall appearance
  • Add water resistance and durability
  • Protect against chemicals and oxidation
  • Melt snow and ice significantly faster

Our sealer is environmentally friendly!

Ohio weather conditions require more careful attention to asphalt maintenance than most other places. The freeze thaw cycle in our climate takes a major toll on Ohio asphalt surfaces and without a proper seal, it can lead to costly repairs.

It has been proven that a proper seal coating of asphalt surfaces can extend the life of parking lots and driveways by dozens of years. Our company specializes in the care and maintenance  of driveways and commercial asphalt lots with a full line of seal coating, crack filling, hole filling and general asphalt maintenance. The next time you need seal coating, we hope you will call SimLawn.

Simlawn only uses the best seal coat equipment in the industry!

Simlawn only uses the best seal coat equipment in the industry!

We also offer hot pour crack fill. This material is a rubberized tar that is applied at around 375 degrees. The crack fill will flow into the crack and level off at the surface of the black top. As it cools, it will bond to the crack and keep water and ice from forming and further spreading the crack. the material will stay flexible for many years to expand and contract with your blacktop during our seasonal temperature changes.

Servicing Trumbull and Mahoning Counties.

I understand your frustrations with “the other guy”. You don’t want someone to show up and make a mess of your driveway and splash black sealer all over your house, buildings and other surfaces. You want a quality sealer,  not a watered down version that isn’t going to last. You want this sealer to stick when it’s applied, not peal up. You want a company that will show up when they said they would be there. I get it! We’ll be there for you! We answer our phones! We want to earn your business. Call us today. 330-507-0656
– Tony Simeone (Owner)

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