Tree Trimming

While you may enjoy the lush canopy of your tree, along with the shade and other environmental benefits that those branches provide, there are situations in which they need to be removed. While full branches are a welcome respite in parks and pastoral areas, urban settings can be problematic. In urban neighborhoods, tree branches may block sunlight too much, obstruct sight lines and vision or even cause problems on roads with vehicles or sidewalks for pedestrians. We see this commonly here at Simlawn Tree Trimming.

What is Canopy Raising?

Raising the canopy on a landscape tree is a technique used for both practical as well as aesthetic purposes. Also sometimes referred to a limbing up, pruning away some of the lowest branches and limbs can allow more sunlight to plants below and improve traffic flow under and around the tree. It can improve views and visual balance in the landscape. Raising the canopy is also a method used to create a more manicured formal look to trees and even large shrubs.

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