Landscaping Stone

Simlawn Landscaping works with a wide variety of landscaping stones. Often times we find our customers choosing stone instead of mulch. The stone options have proven to be much less maintenance over time. Below are some photo’s of a small retention pond that Simlawn Landscaping utilized decorative river rock to help with the theme of the stone building on the customers property.

Large Boulders

Simlawn can provide large boulders and put them into place on your property. Here we have a customer that wanted to install a lower maintenance area in front of their commercial building. This landscape will have interchangeable planters to change with the seasons.

Simlawn Stone Girard Ohio

Here we have some small beds that used to be filled with old red mulch and weeds. The maintenance program on beds like this is very simple. Simlawn Landscaping is able to spray weed preventive once or twice a year to keep these beds looking fresh. The customer chose a really nice Mojave red stone for this project and it happens to match the accent color on his building nicely.

Simlawn Landscaping primarily services the following areas:
Girard, Ohio
Liberty Township Ohio
Niles, Ohio