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Sealcoating McDonald Ohio

Asphalt requires maintenance to increase its longevity. When asphalt is created there is a tar based glue that holds all of the aggregate together. Over time the oils in the tar will dry out from being baked in the sun. When that happens some of the aggregate will begin to break away, essentially eroding the driveway. This timeline of the glue drying out can be drastically extended by seal coating the driveway. Effectively the sealer will trap the oils in the driveway and create a barrier from the harsh weather conditions above in order to protect the driveway.

Some driveways even develop cracks due to underground water movement or heaving in the winter time. In those instances we offer a hot pour crack filler that can be installed into those cracks to prevent water penetration and ice from spreading the cracks any further.

Simlawn LLC also offers line striping for commercial properties in addition to seal coating and crack filling. call today for a free estimate.

Landscaping In Girard Ohio

This week we did some landscaping here in Girard, Ohio. We removed a grown over bed full of weeds, old mulch, and torn up landscaping fabric. We installed this Mojave red stone around the parameter of this building. We even made a new friend while we were working, scroll down to check him out.

When your considering your options for cleanup projects and updating your landscaping, give us a call for a free estimate. We offer a wide range of services from spring and fall clean-ups, to bush trimming, mulch, stone, and even full tear outs.

Top Quality Asphalt Seal Coating Service Brookfield Ohio

Here is an example of the thick non-diluted sealer that we use.  Just one of the reasons that our customers call us back year after year. They know we only use the best products on the market. We take pride in our work by being extremely careful to keep sealer off those nice new white surfaces against the driveway.

Call today for a free estimate.

We will come out and examine your driveway or parking lot to see what options you have to extend the life of your asphalt.

Look at the photo taken from a job we did in Brookfield Ohio.

Blacktop sealing season is here

The time is now! These temperatures are perfect for sealing those blacktop driveways and parking lots. Call today to make your blacktop look like the one in this picture.

Photo taken at a job we completed in Howland Ohio