Spring Cleanups and Landscaping Girard, Ohio

Everybody gets excited for Spring. The warm sun shining on us, the birds chirping, plush green lawns, fresh breezes… How could you not enjoy this season? And now, Spring is just around the corner! As many of you are finishing up with your spring cleaning inside the house,  it’s time to bring that excitement outdoors to prepare your lawn and landscape for the year.SIMLAWN-Spring-Cleaning-300x200

Before you start digging out your rakes and pruners, think of how great it would feel to hire someone to give your yard that professional look while you enjoy the sunshine. Simlawn is here to do exactly that for you with our following options to give you full spring cleaning and landscaping services for this season!


Landscaping Services

Whether your selling your house, keeping up with the Jonses or just plain proud of your home, Simlawn is ready to enhance the appearance of your yard. We will save you time and money, helping you to bring the freshness of Spring out of your surroundings. There are many services available to landscape, design and decorate your overall lawn. This includes bed cleaning, bush trimming, tree trimming, mulching, and much more.



Bush-Trimming-300x199Benefits of Landscaping:

  • Enhances a community lifestyle.
  • Creates a beautiful environment.
  • Adds value to your home.


Lawn Maintenance

Now that your curb appeal is the envy of the neighborhood, Simlawn is ready to help maintain it. We will keep your lawn full, green, and neatly trimmed during the rest of the Spring and Summer months. Week keep a record of the progress of your lawn and are able to give you the best weekly lawn service, paying attention to the details, and keeping this chore out of your busy schedule. Other than mowing and trimming, lawn services can include, pest control, fertilization and seeding.


Call anytime for a free estimate and consultation. You will enjoy getting to know the professional and friendly staff at SimLawn. We are knowledgeable, efficient, timely and best of all, affordable!