Simlawn Shed Base

Site Preparation for Sheds

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a storage shed is a sturdy foundation. Most manufacturers include a warranty on your shed that is voided if foundation specifications are not met. It is highly recommended to hire a contractor for professional and successful installation.

Level Site

The pad must be square & level over the entire pad. Sheds require a level surface to allow the windows and doors to open any close properly.


The pad should be at least 2 ft longer and 2 ft wider than your shed creating a 1ft boarder around your shed. This allows for proper drainage and keeps vegetation from growing against your building. Having vegetation against the structure, increases your chance of moisture rotting the bottom.

Shed Base options.

Simlawnn Shed Base

Stone Base – This is your most cost-effective option. Simlawn will confirm the size of your shed and the prep size needed, dig the Sod layer off of your site and install 4-6 inch thick base of 57 Limestone. We can haul away the excess dirt or pile it up somewhere near the shed pad. This base option is excellent for areas with minimal to no slope. In most cases the stone will be finished smooth enough that your shed will not need any leveling blocks at all.

Timber Frame – Timber frame boarders are a great way to boost the aesthetics with your project. The 4×6 treated lumber frame will create a beautiful solid edge line between your lawn and the limestone base that is being used. We drill through the lumber and use 2ft long metal spikes to anchor the lumber, preventing any rocking or movement when you step on it. The Timber Frame will help to contain the gravel while continuing standard lawn maintenance throughout the season.

Retaining Wall – In some cases a retaining wall is necessary to correct slope in the location that you want to put your shed. We offer a wide variety of options here from concrete blocks, dirt backstops, and even wooden walls. Simlawn has been solving these types of issues for years and would be happy to meet with you and help come up with a solution that will work in your situation.

 Standard Base Pricing for some common sized sheds*
(Timber Frame pricing is not listed)

Shed SizePad SizeLimestone Qty
(5-6 inches thick)
Stone Base
10×1012×124 tons$700.00
10×1212×144 tons$725.00
10×1612×185 tons$800.00
10×2012×226 tons$825.00
12×1214×145 tons$750.00
12×1414×166 tons$775.00
12×1614×186 tons$825.00
12×2014×227 tons$1000.00
12×2414×269 tons$1100.00
12×2814×3010 tons$1200.00

*Uneven ground or access problems may affect the pricing.
*Pricing subject to change at any time.

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